Salem Media of Hawaii General Contest Rules

  1. There is no purchase necessary.
  2. Only one winner per household per thirty days.
  3. Winner has 30 calendar days to claim prize unless otherwise specified
  4. Winner must be a resident of the state of Hawaii or Military stationed in Hawaii.
  5. Prize-winner must appear at Salem Media of Hawaii in person to claim any prize.
  6. Winner must present a photo I.D. when claiming prize.
  7. Winner must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise specified.
  8. Salem Media of Hawaii, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify contestants for violation of contest rules
  9. Winner agrees to use any prize won as intended and specified by Salem Media of Hawaii, Inc.
  10. Final decisions on all contests rest solely with Salem Media of Hawaii.
  11. Salem reserves the right to change rules as necessary.
  12. Winner understands that they are solely responsible for any state/federal taxes on this award. Winner also understands that if they win prizes throughout the calendar year that total $600 or more, they will receive a form 1099 in the mail from Salem Communications, the parent company of Salem Media of Hawaii, Inc., and will be responsible for any state/federal taxes.
  13. Contestants and winner cannot be related to anyone employed by Salem Media of Hawaii, its affiliates, assigns, or by any advertising company or business concern connected. All prizes are obtained and distributed for promotional consideration. Contest specific rules for contests with a value of $600 or more are available at 1160 N. King St. in Honolulu.