Terror Expert Weighs In On Boko Haram Kidnap Video

Terror Expert Weighs In On Boko Haram Kidnap Video
(Undated) -- A new video released by the terror group Boko Haram shows kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls who have purportedly been converted to Islam. The group is offering to release the girls in exchange for prisoners. Terrorism expert Dr. Anne Speckhard says the video shows signs that Boko Haram's leadership may be feeling the pressure of the international community.
Speckhard believes the group was not prepared for the global attention and that Nigerian officials should carefully consider Boko Haram's offer in the efforts to bring the girls back to safety. She says the fact that the children appear in Muslim dress in the just-released video is a hopeful sign that they are not being physically abused. The girls have been missing since mid-April when Boko Haram militants raided a school and kidnapped more than 200 students at gunpoint. Dr. Anne Speckhard is renowned expert on counter terrorism and the author of several books including "Talking To Terrorists."
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Dr. Anne Speckhard believes Boko Haram's leadership may be in over their heads.
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