Suspect in California rampage blamed others

GOLETA, Calif. (AP) — A troubled man who police say killed six people and himself in Southern California can be seen in YouTube videos blaming others for his plight.

Elliot Rodger aired his contempt for everyone from his roommates to women to the whole human race. Thirteen people were injured in the rampage in Isla Vista, a half-square-mile town centered on university life.

Authorities say Rodger, the son of a Hollywood director who worked on "The Hunger Games" vowed in his video to "take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you."

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Sherriff Bill Brown says the killings are "the work of a madman." He also called Rodger "mentally disturbed."

Police say Rodger went from one location to another and opened fire on random people and exchanged gunfire with law enforcement before he crashed his BMW. Brown says deputies found three semi-automatic handguns with 400 unspent rounds in his black BMW. All were purchased legally.