Ohio priest indicted on charge of soliciting sex

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio grand jury has indicted a priest on a felony charge of soliciting sex at a Cleveland park.

The Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County grand jury also indicted the Rev. James McGonegal (Muh-GAHN'-ee-gul) on charges of abusing harmful intoxicants and public indecency.

The 68-year-old McGonegal was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly solicited a park ranger who was in plainclothes at a park near downtown Cleveland.

Police reports say McGonegal told authorities he has tested positive for HIV.

A message was left after hours Friday for McGonegal's attorney, Henry Hilow (HY'-low). Hilow tells The Plain Dealer that McGonegal is "a good man and a good priest."

A spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland says it's working with McGonegal as he addresses his issues. McGonegal has stepped away from parish duties.